MFD Copiers and Printers

We are proud to offer Lexmark’s line of copiers and printers for business. Fast, efficient, and durable. Lexmark also offers an extraordinary array of productivity applications that save time and money. Even the best equipment needs maintenance occasionally and that is where our service delivery sets standards others dream of achieving. If you hesitate to recommend your current service provider, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We deliver while others are still scheduling a visit.

Managed IT Services

Is your office technology the worry-free solution it should be? Are you confident that your systems will be there when you need them most? Are you currently using an IT or copier company that you would hesitate to recommend?

Information Technology has become the make or break factor of your business. Downtime is unacceptable. And hiring the wrong support person or group will bring your business to a standstill and place client information at risk.

Large or small, all networks are a balance of performance and security. We have earned the trust of our clients by building strength and integrity into every network we manage. Our network management is HIPAA compliant too.

Your business cannot afford downtime. And if any of the questions give you pause, we can help. We are DUPLICATED Business Solutions. Our professionals cover California's Central Coast with incomparable customer service.

Website Development & Graphic Design

This is your image to the world and some of the most efficient use of your advertising budget. Saying "it" in a way that gets remembered, and displaying "it" in a way that captures the attention of your prospects is the goal. With "it" being you, your product, or service, lets translates that into to new clients. If what you're doing is not bringing in new business, now is the time to get things going.

Network Services

Network services are the backbone of your office technology. No modern business can function without it. The hardware and software that comprise this component is constantly changing.

Our professionals research and test these emerging technologies to develop insightful solutions specific to your needs. Fortunately, many formerly, insurmountable problems now have economical solutions. That’s one of the benefits of a constantly changing technological environment.

If your network is less than perfect, we have the skills and tools necessary to bring new life to your ailing network. There is no reason to put up with an unreliable network. Allow us to develop a logical plan to enhance your networks performance and respect your budget too.

Image: Duplicated Network Services